‍Each of our ELA themes begins with an essential question. Every lesson, every activity, every instructional decision within the theme is designed to move the students toward being able to answer the essential question. For parents, the essential question throughout the school year is "How can I help my child be successful in school?" Here are some tips:

  • Structure a time and a place for homework and study. In a positive way, help your child understand that schoolwork is his/her #1 priority and responsibility. Homework/study should take 45 minutes to an hour a day.

  • ‍Check our class blog every day for information about homework, projects, tests, etc. Students have ample time to write down their homework, but I often elaborate on what to study; etc. on the blog.

  • Encourage independence, but monitor your child's homework. Do not accept work that is carelessly or incompletely done. For now, please sign your child's homework and homework book. Often, several days or weeks are allowed for completion of an assignment or project. Help your child develop time management skills by not waiting until the last minute to do the work.

  • Read with your child. Students will have reading assignments for homework to prepare for participation in literature circles. Talk with your child about the reading. Some children may need you to read with them to help with comprehension. Encourage your child to use precise vocabulary and good grammar in speaking.

  • Help your child make connections between what they learn in school and the real world. They can measure to prepare a recipe or complete a project, use math to budget for a family trip or save for something special, apply writing skills to write cards, letters and emails, or keep a journal. If your family is traveling, let your child do some computer research to find some interesting information about where you are going to share with the family.

  • Monitor your child's computer use and make sure it is being used in a positive, safe way.

  • Communicate your concerns and questions and know that while I don't always have all the answers, I am always ready to listen and try to help. I believe that every child can succeed and that together we can make it happen!